Baby Blanket Tutorial

Baby Blanket Tutorial

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Baby Blankets

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Baby Blanket Tutorial

Looking for a baby shower gift you can easily create over and over again with basic fabric? Or maybe something beautiful for the nursery?.   We will let you know all the materials you need to make this beautiful quilt or you can purchase it here at Baby Phillips Collection.

Today we will teach you some basics on how to create a beautiful sublimation pressed baby blanket.  With some everyday materials, and a few specialty pieces of equipment you will be set and on your way.

It couldn't be much easier, we used fleece polyester fabric we sell here, but you can use your fleece if you have some on hand,  any clipart you have (be sure to have copyrights to your images) a dye sublimation printer with ink, and a cricut iron. Let’s get started.

Add the personal touch!

Add the baby’s name for the finishing touch.

Supplies Needed

For our baby blanket, we used a large rectangle of fleece and a serged edge.

  • 1 piece 30”x40” blanket piece (fleece) Baby Phillips Collection
  • 6-10 pages of dye sublimation paper Baby Phillips Collection
  • Clipart (of your choice) or rainbow as shown available on ETSY
  • Sublimation printer, scissors, cricut heat iron, sewing machine or serger, tape measure
  • Parchment paper and a cutting board (this will only be used for sublimating after)

Cutting Instructions

The basic idea of this blanket is that your piece needs to be 30” w x 40” h finished size. This is the only part to be measured or cut unless a fat half has been pre purchased and is ready to go.

First, cut your fabric to size and lay on a flat hard surface. Be sure to have two pieces of parchment and your cutting board ready to use.

Printing Instructions

Print your clip art on the sublimation paper with the solid side up ( do not print on the side with writing), and cut around the clip art leaving about 1” white paper all around the clipart.

**remember the press will superimpose whatever ink in showing even if it is a blog or spot from your machine**

Let’s Have Fun and Build a Blanket

Now that your blanket is laid out flat, place your cut out clipart pieces right side facing you, and reposition until you are happy with the layout of your clipart images. This is exactly what your blanket will look like when it's completed.

Turn one clipart piece over with  the wrong side facing you one at a time, sliding the cutting board and 1 piece of parchment under the fabric. Lay one piece of parchment on top of your upside down clipart.

Get READY! It's time to press. Heat your press to 400 degrees and press with light pressure for 30 seconds.

Carefully remove the iron press and set aside, lift the parchment and the clipart pieces carefully so as to not smear the ink. Lift the clipart in one staring motion.

 Repeat this until you blanket clipart pieces are all pressed into the fabric.

AMAZING RIGHT! The design is now in the fabric …that YOU created!

Sewing and Finishing

Serge the edges all around (you can leave the corners square or round them) it is your personal preference. If you do not have a serger, fold the raw edge over 2x and stitch all around creating a finished edge.

TIP*** use a ball point needle to avoid rolling edges.


For any further questions CONTACT US.

Baby Phillips Collection

Windsor Ontario Canada

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