10 must haves to make the BEST baby gift baskets

10 must haves to make the


baby gift baskets

Gift Baskets are always SO fun to receive – But do you struggle with how to put together the perfect personalized bundle for somebody else?  upset

I created an easy and sweet DIY baby gift basket list you can use to be sure you have the perfect items. Don't forget to check out all of our best selling handmade items.

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10 Must Have Items for the BEST Baby Gift Basket at the shower!

Are you ready to be the Belle of the ball.  Everyone wants to be that special person who brings the best gift, or the favorite gift, or just down right the prettiest gift at the shower. 

We have been active in this industry for over a decade and not only can we ship out the best gifts anywhere in Canada, but now we are offering free advice on the perfect baby items for the prettiest gift baskets ever.

baby gift basket

First things first ladies and gents we need a base...get thrifty...unique and creative or classic and traditional in's up to you...we like the wicker basket for a clean and timeless look..try to match a theme that works with your items.

Let's begin and take a look at what can be some items to make your gift the BEST baby gift for any new mom or dad.

Here we go! Let's go ahead and grab our best baby gift basket items. Here are some things you may need!

1. Baby Toy 

2. Snuggle Receivers

3. Baby Bibs

4. Burp Cloths

5. Stuffed Toys

6. Snuggle Baby Blankets

7. Books

8. Socks

9. Baby Hats

10. Outfits & Onesies


Well there you have it ...try it out and impress the new parents- to-be! Good luck.

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